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We believe your life at Bessingby Lodge should include the best care, the best of life and the best environment.

All our residents are supported to live an active and fulfilled life. Our person-centred care enables residents to keep on doing the things they’ve always loved – and often the things they perhaps thought they could no longer enjoy.

As part of our Bessingby and Bridlington-based community, our residents can help themselves to drinks and snacks, help out in the garden and other hobbies and exercise their usual routines which enable residents to make their lives theirs.

The facilities at Bessingby Lodge allow residents to enjoy other everyday routines that keep them independent, and our care team encourage and support this independence.


‘We believe Bessingby Lodge in Bessingby, will be the perfect choice for you. Our dedicated care team work closely with all our residents, to encourage them to take part in activities that are tailored to their needs and based on their lifestyle preferences …’


Our planned activities, trips, events and hobbies will take place both within Bessingby Lodge, and the surrounding areas and include gardening, fundraising days for local charities and excursions to community events, local exhibitions, the theatre and the cinema. The East Coast resort of Bridlington and the North York Moors are within driving distance of Bessingby Lodge and are perfect places for you to visit with your family and friends, or as part of an excursion, we might plan for our residents.

We are also proud to be part of the Dementia Friends campaign and other charities to support research on what practices best support people living with dementia to positively influence policy and practice for dementia care in care homes across the UK. We understand that moving into a home is a big decision and that choosing the home that’s right for you can feel daunting.

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Our mission is to provide a happy quality of life, exercising maximum independence, quietly and discreetly ensuring residents are looked after in every way in a warm and safe environment. For more information:

Bessingby Lodge

Bessingby, Bridlington YO16 4UH

Telephone: 01262 213140
Email: [email protected]

Bessingby Lodge Care Team

Meet the Team …

The Care Team at Bessingby Lodge strives to deliver the highest levels of dementia care to our residents.

Our trained, experienced and compassionate Care Team will devise a bespoke care plan so you can rest assured your loved one will receive the best possible care.

Bessingby Lodge has access to a wide range of social and creative pursuits to encourage good mental health and social opportunities for all our residents.

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