The Captain Tom Foundation began the ‘100 Challenge’ to celebrate the achievements of war veteran Captain Tom Moore.
In the first UK lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, Moore had aimed to raise £1000 to support the NHS in the difficult times; he ended up raising more than £32.8 million for NHS Charities Together.
More recently, to celebrate the life of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, his family has invited the world to take inspiration from his famous 100 laps around his garden, his generosity of spirit and the hope and joy he brought to millions.
The family have said, let the number 100 be your inspiration and do something unique, whether it’s
🤸 100-star jumps
🚶 100 laps of your garden
🎮 100 minutes of gaming
🧁 baking 100 cupcakes
🎤 singing for 100 minutes
By taking on The Captain Tom 100 for Global’s Make Some Noise, you can raise much-needed funds for small and local charities helping disadvantaged people across the UK.
St Mary’s Care Centre Staff and Residents decided to have a go!
At St Mary’s Care Centre, the staff and residents decided to make 100 poppies, as most of the residents at the Anlaby care home lived through WWII, and the poppy is very symbolic to them.
The care home started a ‘gofundme’ page and invited all relatives to donate, if they wished, despite not being able to come into the care home.
It was agreed to split the donations: half to the Captain Tom Moore Foundation and half to the residents’ fund.
After deliberation, the residents agreed the best material to make the poppies from was felt.
They ordered some red and black felt, along with some green pipe cleaners and were soon ready to create the poppies.
Activity Coordinators, Isobel and Maria, worked together with the residents over three days. They managed to make the beautiful poppies in the photographs and completed more than one hundred poppies.
They also raise more than expected and collected a total of £100.
Marie and Isobel said, ” We’d like to say a huge thank you to anyone who shared and donated, and we’re sure the people at the Captain Tom Foundation would also send their thanks!”

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