Every Burlington Care home works hard to hard to enable and improve the lives of residents.
Our staff are well trained and fundamentally caring.
This week, the team at The Lawns received this fantastic endorsement and images to show the improvement of a new resident.
Here is the review in its entirety ❤
“I wanted to write to let you know how wonderful your residential care at The Lawns, Darlington has been.
In the past two weeks, my mother, who was admitted on May 5th 2021, from a different care home, has shown the most remarkable improvement.
I have a DOL’s report from April of this year that says she is unable to do various things that she is now doing again after just two weeks at The Lawns. This ranges from minor things such as making decisions about what to eat to weight-bearing and holding conversations. In fact, she was visited by her CPN yesterday, who actually became emotional when she saw the incredible progress that had taken place. She said that the improvement in my mother had “made her year”.
Initially, I asked if I could be a temporary essential caregiver during her initial isolation period and was told that I could have special visitor status, which worked just as well, probably better. I was, therefore, able to stay in my mother’s room while she self-isolated (whilst undertaking a daily rapid lateral flow test and wearing PPE). During this time, I met various members of staff. Without exception, they have been extremely professional, extremely caring, and extremely dedicated. They have all shown a wonderful disposition, which is extraordinary given the extremely difficult circumstances that the last year has presented to people within care homes.
Can I please especially mention Amanda, the Manager who has made the move extremely smooth, Wendy who has really helped to affect the change in Mum, Robynne, who welcomed my mother into The Lawns and made her instantly feel valued, Lee who Mum has taken a real shine to, and Gillian, who has been just great. Natalie, who is the activities organiser, I think expressed the whole ethos of the home when she asked me if I could do her a favour by telling me what activities Mum might be motivated to do! However, it’s the entire team who are great: for example, Susan, who has cleaned my mother’s room, has been fantastic, and the food that has been provided to Mum is brilliant.
You should be extremely proud of this care home. Frankly, they have performed a minor miracle in relation to my mother. Mum has been in residential care for nearly seven years now, and prior to Covid, I had visited other care homes in Darlington, and The Lawns is, without doubt, the best in terms of atmosphere, staff and management.
I enclose some photographs which show the dramatic difference that your staff made within a two-week period. There is one photo pre-admission, another on her first day, one from Day 6 and the final one from Day 12.”
A fantastic endorsement of the care at The Lawns ❤


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