Senior care assistant, Gill, who works at The Lawns in Darlington, wanted to give the residents at the care home on Ridsdale Street, something cheerful to look forward to.
So she organised a Cheese and Wine evening and invited all the residents to attend.

The whole home was abuzz with excitement on the day because most of the residents had decided to join in.

Gill set up a quiz and planned the music, as well as organised the wine and different cheeses; they’re a discerning lot at The Lawns!

The residents all agreed that it was nice to spend time with each other and that the wine and cheese added to the atmosphere. Some residents enjoyed a tipple or three, which brought a few beaming smiles.

The residents answered the questions, sang along to the music, danced and sipped the wine, and that is all that matters!

Who cares, who won the quiz?