Emma, an Activity Coordinator, thought she’d share a group activity she did with residents on the residential dementia unit at Crystal Court Care Home.
This activity is designed to get the resident’s noses twitching as they guess each scent, which should help evoke memories.
The residents had to smell the scent in each pot and then choose the card they felt represented the smell.
This activity with one resident, in particular, took her right back to smelling the herbs in her garden. She said, “This reminds me of an apple tree I had in my garden; I grew Cox’s Pippin.
Emma said, ” She came out with the name of the apple immediately and without any prompting from me, which I thought was pretty amazing. She also clearly remembered the herbs she grew in her herb garden, parsley and mint. It just proves that the simple things such as our sense of smell can bring us back to memories we thought we had forgotten when this activity proved they have always been there.

Another resident remembered that rosemary goes with lamb! Again, Emma didn’t prompt her; she knew straight away