With Autumn in full swing, the residents living at Pudsey’s Hutton Manor have been using their initiative with Autumnal theme crafts.
Over the last few weeks, the residents have been collecting and pressing the fallen leaves, they have found on the garden grounds and have decided to use them for wreaths and personal decorations.
Autumn can be a difficult time for many, especially for those who struggle with seasonal depression (SAD) and anxiety and research shows that 1 in 3 people are likely to suffer from ‘SAD’ when the days get darker coming into winter.
However, research also indicates that individuals with dementia have proven to gain a “cognitive peak” providing better concentration and memory capability.
With these studies in mind, it is essential to provide engaging community activities to support our residents’ mental health and also to look back on.
Holly, the Activity Coordinator at Hutton Manor, has looked at these studies, to ensure that all the residents at the care home on Crawshaw Road are enabled to engage in engaging and artistic activities.
This has proven to be just what the doctor ordered with all the residents commenting that spending time in the Hutton Manor garden collecting leaves and each day; has been really enjoyable and allowed them all to appreciate the Autumn changes in the trees.