Hutton Manor residents have enjoyed the fabulous weather this week.
Many residents have spent time in the beautifully landscaped garden enjoying a beverage, some even partaking of a refreshing alcoholic drink or two.
And why not? That’s just what sunny days are for!
Making the most of the sunny days, residents have played games and
sung their favourite songs. They all chatted about days in the sun with family and friends, attending events or days on the beach.
Brian said,” I like spending time in the garden, especially on days like this where I can sit in a quiet area and enjoy the sun.”
Spending some time in the sunshine is essential for our bodies to absorb Vitamin D, which commonly becomes a deficiency as we get older.
There is scientific evidence that sitting in the sun and getting this all-important vitamin helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and
diabetes as Vitamin D deficiency is linked to metabolic syndrome health
Sheila agreed with Brian, ” It has been a lovely afternoon playing different games with everyone.” And Vera said, “It’s been nice sitting outside on such a lovely day getting to know people and sharing stories.”

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