Today the residents at Clipstone Hall and Lodge have taken part in the Oomph Wellness live exercise tv, with a twist as the staff dressed as superheroes.

Keeley, Activity Coordinator and Megan, Senior at the Mansfield care home, dressed up as heroes for the home’s first Oomph On Demand exercise.
As you can see from the photos, the residents thought it was terrific; Residents Hazel, Irene, Peggy, Rita, Jean, Rose, Nan, Bridget, Wendy, Chrissy, Shirley and Ivy all joined in on the live activity.
Rose said, “I have really enjoyed this and don’t ever want to go home!”
Bridget said she had so much fun and the staff are amazing, and Hazel said she has never laughed so much.

Emma, Home Manager, joined in with the fun, ” Tts so lovely to see everyone happy and joining in singing and dancing and enjoying the exercise,”
“The New Oomph platform has started to make a difference to the residents and the staff Clipstone Hall and Lodge; it’s impressive.”

Well done, team Clipstone; you genuinely make a difference to our resident’s health and wellbeing!

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