When you help someone make changes, and they love the outcome!
At Maple Court, the staff have done just that for Donald Leonard Foster or Don to his friends.Don was in a real state, and he doesn’t mind admitting it. He had stopped looking after himself, not eating correctly and drinking too much. He was deeply depressed and spiralling out of control.
His social worker persuaded him that moving into a care home might be the right thing.
Don was reluctant but thankfully took the opportunity and moved into Maple Court Care Home in Scarborough.
Kevin, Regional Peripatetic Manager for Burlington Care and currently posted at Maple Court, explained, “Donald was in a bad way. To see the images we took when he first moved in, in comparison to now, it’s shocking.”
“However, looking at Donald and how he’s improved, it’s lovely to be part of Donald’s recuperation story. He has led an interesting life and has so much to say. I could listen to him talk for hours!”When you chat with Donald you soon discover he is over the moon to have someone to talk to about his life and what led him to Maple Court.
Donald is an avid sportsman, and his tales of playing rugby, working for the fire service and the worst injury he ever suffered are a delight to hear.
Donald was born in Sowerby Bridge, Halifax and brought up in Todmorden.
It soon became apparent that he loved rugby league, and when he joined the fire service in Strathclyde; the fire service was prepared to sponsor him so that he could travel to play for Batley, Oldham and Bradford Northern to play. Halfback and loose forward were his happiest positions, and throughout his rugby career, he gave as good as he got, he says, chuckling at old memories.
His fire service career took off too, with positions across the country, including Portsmouth, Moreton-in-Marsh and back to Hamilton, Strathclyde. All the while racing up and down the motorway to play rugby.
He tells a fairly horrific story about entering a building that was ablaze when a flashover blew him out through a window, only to be saved from severe injury by the oxygen tank on his back!
In fact, by far, his worst injury, despite playing the challenging game of rugby or being a fireman, was when he played cricket and the ball came into contact with his hand!
Donald’s life began to spiral out of control when he lost his partner, whom he loved dearly. Perhaps it was the sadness and the loneliness that tipped the balance, but all that has changed.
He is enjoying being made a fuss off at Maple Court. His diet is much better, and three meals a day has affected his weight, for the better. He’s no longer drinking, and he’s smiling a lot. It won’t be long before he’s chatting to more of the residents, and hopefully, they will get to hear some of his stories.
Here’s a picture of Donald. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him. We all have a story to tell, but Donald is a book of interesting and amusing anecdotes.
He did say if Batley, Oldham (https://www.facebook.com/roughyeds) or Bradford Bulls (https://www.facebook.com/officialbulls) are ever short, he’s the best number seven, and he’s happy to step up!Donald also has a daughter and two granddaughters.
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