The residents of Doncaster’s Cantley Grange enjoyed a morning of cake, tea and board games, to support Time to Talk Day last Thursday.

Time to Talk is an event run by Time to Change and encourages people to talk about their problems/mental health – a small conversation can make a big difference.

At Cantley Grange, a special moment of friendship happened between Doreen and new resident Iris.
They hit it off, chattering away, enjoying cake and playing Buckaroo.

We encourage our residents to talk in one-to-one moments or as part of an activity group.
At Cantley Grange, the care team try to reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness by chatting to residents, getting to know them and introducing them to other residents.

Moving into a care home means meeting lots of new and friendly faces.
It’s lovely that Iris has already found a new friend.


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