This is our armchair aerobics guy, Anthony, who is very good and shares his time with our dementia and nursing residents so that everyone has a workout. I get involved too basically as the clown, but we get so much interaction and involvement and laughter from all the residents.

I have also organised trips to our local drop-in centre at our local Methodist church community centre so our residents can interact with their community, and there are activities, refreshments and all ages attend. I also aim to be an ambassador for Maple and plan to help the community be aware of our care home and what a lovely place it is.

These are Goldilocks toddler group. A local group of Ofsted registered childminders bring their children preschoolers toddlers up to sing and play instruments to our residents.

It’s all about interactive activities and stimuli for the young and elderly. Brilliant day. We organise activities that the children can do with, and alongside residents.