Tony, a resident at Alpine Lodge Care Home, really enjoyed his weekend, performing all sorts of tasks around the home.
Tony is a real character and always has a smile on his face, however, he’s most happy when he’s doing jobs; so the staff gave him lots to do.
Checking the tyre pressure on one tyre, led to him doing three tyres. Tony pointed out how dangerous it is to drive with poor tyre pressure.
Then Tony helped out with Sunday lunch. As Tony delivered the food the residents chuckled at the ‘new’ waiter service saying it wasn’t quite, silver service; but the ladies loved it, and Tony felt he’d accomplished something; which is so important.
The Alpine Lodge Care Team encourage the residents to take part in meaningful activities. These activities might include laying the table, cleaning or sorting the laundry for ironing; and are liberating for most of the residents.
Tony is proof of this because he’s still smiling and still telling everyone about sorting out the car.
Living in a care home often gives back the resident independence, with the sure knowledge they are supported.