With a lot of knitting and various hunts for camouflage netting, Rachel, the Home Manager at York House Care Home in #dewsbury was able to give the residents at the #Earlsheaton home a wonderful, thought-provoking activity, today.
Residents from the #dementia and residential units at York House have put together two tributes for Remembrance Sunday.
Rachel said; “My mother-in-law very kindly made the poppies and I found the camouflage in my husbands shed; I thought it would keep everyone busy and give us all something to think about.”
There are two tributes, one in the entrance hall of York House and the other on the ceiling of the #dementia unit.
The residents all got involved in the activity, some commenting on lost brothers, uncles and fathers. Others reminding us all that women were also heroes; and how thankful we all are, for their bravery.